Tall Tales and Tail Lights

‘Bikers’ and ‘the legendary tales of Wales’ aren’t normally found sharing a sentence, let alone a journey, but this September, they’ll be doing just that, as a small group of ‘Story Bikers’ head off on an intrepid mythic odyssey along the highways and byways of the Nation.

At each stopping point, they’ll unearth stories from the landscape by meeting up with one of Wales’ storytellers. Over one weekend, between 23rd and 25th September, they’ll cover 500 miles and uncover tales and myths originating from over 2000 years of Wales’ story, from the Iron Age to the present day. The good news is that we’re all invited to listen in too.

Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival is Wales’ storytelling organisation. Geoff Barber, who inspired this journey is an avid biker and the Treasurer of the organisation. Talking about the event, he said: “When I joined Beyond the Border, I knew very little about the stories of Wales, but they’ve got under my skin these past few years. One of the misconceptions is that storytelling is for children. What I, and others who come to Beyond the Border Festival discover is that it’s most definitely for adults as well."

Geoff will be accompanied by lifelong friends and fellow bikers Carl Hinder and David Jenkins as well storyteller Francis Maxey on the journey. These ‘Story Bikers’ are inviting everyone and anyone to join them at stop off points along the way to learn about the rich tapestry of myths and legends woven through the landscape of Wales, and come along to three free evening storytelling performances along the route

You can follow the journey via the Beyond the Border website, on Twitter by searching and using #StoryBikers, or on Facebook.

Thursday, 15 September 2016