Improving Motorcycle Training - Consultation Results

Many of you will be aware that in a consultation period which ran between 30 December 2016 and 17 February 2017, the DVSA made proposals to improve the way that motorcycle training works in Great Britain.

After receiving over 2,200 responses, the results were recently announced. The consultation contained proposals on:

  • Amending how compulsory basic training (CBT) and direct access scheme (DAS) trainers qualify
  • Changes to the CBT syllabus
  • Strengthening the quality assurance for motorcycle trainers
  • Training courses to upgrade motorcycle driving licence entitlement
  • Restrictions on the type of vehicle a CBT holder can ride
  • Powers to revoke CBT certificates
  • Digitally enhancing the CBT administration process
  • Educating new riders
  • Earned recognition for CBT and DAS instructors

There was strong or very strong support for all the proposals in the consultation document. The majority will be taken forward as soon as the government’s legislative programme allows. However, other proposals will require further consultation before they can be progressed.

 The DVSA and its agencies will:

  • Start work this year on the proposals that are to be taken forward
  • Consult on the remainder by the end of 2018
  • Develop the necessary legislative changes and impact assessments

 To read the report in full, click here. Wales By Bike will keep you informed of developments – watch this space.


Thursday, 21 December 2017