What does the data say?

Although as motorcyclists we represent just 0.7% of road traffic in Wales, we account for 23% of killed or seriously injured road casualties.

As we all know, many of us are also drivers and depending on which mode of transport we use on a particular day, we could be drastically more at risk of being involved in a serious collision as bikers. Latest figures for Wales show that motorcyclists are 86 times more at risk of being killed or seriously injured than any other driver.

Reducing motorcycling casualties across Wales remains a key priority for partners in Road Safety Wales and raising awareness of the increased level of risk experienced by riders of motorcycles is one of the measures being used. 

Susan Storch, Chair of Road Safety Wales said, “Although motorcycle casualties are down 12% on the previous year, unfortunately we are not seeing the reduction that we would like. As road users, each of us has a responsibility to reduce our own road risk and to recognise the vulnerability of others.

We are all acutely aware that, even though a motorcyclist may not be at fault, their vulnerability invariable means that they suffer more serious injuries in a collision. Through the use of social media Road Safety Wales partners will be sharing the image to remind all road users that motorcyclists are exposed to greater risk on the roads."

The latest Welsh Government statistical bulletin on Motorcycle User Casualties 2016 can be viewed here.


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Thursday, 25 January 2018