Sitting Pretty

If you're lucky enough to be purchasing a new motorcycle then the fit, height and size is an extremely important consideration that shouldn’t be rushed.

To get the most from your riding experience, comfort is essential. Being able to reach all the controls easily, to operate the levers with your feet and the ability to touch the ground when at a stop are key issues when selecting any new bike.

Your inside-leg length, the width of the seat and the movement in the bike’s suspension under your weight will be a good indicator that the bike is a good fit for you. The ideal fit is when you can put both feet flat on the ground and have a couple of inches between you and the seat when standing, but at a minimum you should be able to touch the ground with one foot when at a stop.

We think that heading off to a dealership to try out several models for size is the best way to progress, but if you already have a shortlist of bikes in mind, you can start your research from the comfort of your sofa.

You could consider entering the details into a motorcycle ergonomics simulator. Tap in your height and inside leg measurement (and those of your pillion passenger if you have one) and the resulting image gives a pretty good representation of how the fit could look. Clever isn’t it; it’ll even tell you if you’re too short to reach the foot pegs!

Visit and then try out your resulting list in real life; making a mistake can be expensive, uncomfortable, and could seriously compromise your safety.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018