Wales Motorcycle Collisions
Increase in Motorcycle Collisions

"The recent reporting in the media of concerns for an increase in Wales motorcycle collisions is one that BikeSafe continues to confront through education. The National BikeSafe Lead, DCC Madgwick, endorses this approach alongside all other measures as a viable solution. In North Wales this year at a time where we have taken a drop in funding we have managed an increased activity in the delivery of BikeSafe workshops, FBoS courses, Scooter Safe Sessions, attended many events and introduced a Maintenance Course. In total so far this year we have taken 182 BikeSafe workshop and 90 FBoS applications. The maintenance course was introduced on the back of a study that over a ten year period a significant number of Fatal collisions involved maintenance issues.

So far this year North Wales Police have seen a considerable drop in Motorcycle Collisions in all respects compared to recent years. This also when the motorcycle industry are seeing a rise in sales. ‘

Of course as always there is no room for complacency and just because the other side has not scored a goal for a while we will not be getting rid of the keeper anytime soon"


Paul Cheshire MBE

Bike Safe Co-ordinator, North Wales


"With the weather improving and the number of Bank Holidays, there has been an increase in the volume of traffic on our roads, in particular motorcycles. However this has also shown an increase in the number of individuals who have taken part in further training. The number of Riders who have signed up and ventured out on various organised rides has increased, namely the number of RoSPA groups who have arranged and organised rides to as far a field as Scotland, mid Wales, where training has taking place and a number of RoSPA test conducted.

As well as other initiatives such as ERS, Dragon Rider and Bike Safe which are all becoming popular throughout Wales, I am aware that the Swansea & Cardiff RoSPA groups have increased in number, which is showing Riders are further developing their riding to become safer riders.”


PC Kevin Garner

Bike Safe Co-ordinator, South Wales

Monday, 24 August 2015