Paul Cheshire, BikeSafe North Wales
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Although I pottered about off road I began to ride motorcycles legally from the age of 16yrs. Up to date I have owned approximately eighty motorcycles of different styles. Some limited off road and track experience although I appreciate the benefits of both. At the age of 16yrs my first road legal powered two-wheeled vehicle was a ‘Norman Nippy’ moped that reached the dizzy speed of 26mph or so! Being passed by pedal cyclists was not cool.  The feeling of freedom was priceless. I still managed to fall off it though. I passed my DSA test in 1973. My first proper bike was a Triton Special 650cc Triumph pre unit engine in a Norton frame. I fell off that too!! I presently use a Kawasaki GTR 1400, Honda VFR 800 and Honda PS 125 Scooter. I can’t say what my favourite bike would be as it depends on the purpose. I am no longer particularly built for a sports bike but have my eye on a specially customised MV 1000 Augusta. Of course just for the living room! Following a short career in tourism and cooking I realised I was not achieving my goals so joined the North Wales Police. That was over 42 yrs ago.

I served as a beat constable from 1975 until 1984 when I joined the traffic department and took training to drive fast response cars and motorcycles. This took my ability to ride motorcycles on the road to a different level entirely.  My duty was predominantly around the western area of the force from Bangor to Holyhead and Dolgellau. I remained on that department until 2005 when I retired. My duty during that time other than normal traffic patrol and attending collisions or response to every day incidents was as a convoy protection motorcyclist for VIP’s. I also accommodated road death investigations as an FLO (Family Liaison Officer). All this activity and training as with others in my position around the country lead me to understand the value of further education for riders who needed just like I had to improve their skill and deal with road management on modern two wheeled technology. In 1987 alongside a colleague we began rider improvement workshops. The workshops have received many attendants each year ever since. This developed into our involvement in today’s well known BikeSafe initiative very much following the format and intention of the activity in 1987. I act as an examiner for IAM and RoSPA and hold certain training qualification etc

My work responsibilities include looking after our very much appreciated Police BikeSafe Volunteers who provide a very much needed resource which ensures we deliver to a high standard at low cost.  

I feel privileged and passionate to have been involved with the motorcycle community and those organisations and individuals that partner our efforts. My work provides me with great satisfaction and has developed many friendships along the way.

Monday, 04 January 2016