A Date For Your Diary

When the latest edition of MAG’s magazine, The Road, arrived on our desk recently, we were pleased to read the announcement that MAG has taken on the role of UK promoter of International Ride to Work Day.

With Ride to Work Week not taking place in 2019, MAG’s ratification as promoters of the campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness of MAG and to actively promote modal shift to motorcycles, one of MAG’s key objectives.

As well as encouraging the motorcycling community to commute using two wheels, as opposed to the car, the campaign encourages car driving commuters to consider swapping four wheels for two - at least some of the time.

MAG will also be encouraging employers and decision makers to support a motorcycling commute as a viable option, to help ease congestion and to boost motorcycle use.

The first MAG Ride To Work Day, takes place on Monday 15th June - For more information, visit the MAG website.

Monday, 21 October 2019