Ride to Work Day

Ride to Work Day, which is celebrated every year on the third Monday in June, is an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of motorcycle commuting, and to show that biking can be a practical alternative to commuting by car.

The message is even more relevant this year as the Government is advising people to avoid public transport to reduce the risk of a second Coronavirus peak. By taking to two wheels, Ride to Work Day supporters are doing their bit to cut congestion for all road users. Also, a motorcycle or scooter is the perfect vehicle for socially-distanced transport; bikers even come equipped with their own gloves and face coverings.

Colin Brown, Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement for the Motorcycle Action Group, the Ride to Work Day organisers in the UK, said, “Riding a motorcycle, scooter or moped is the perfect option for many journeys as the UK fights to get the economy moving again.

“Alongside cycling and walking, motorcycles and scooters provide a sensible choice for anyone wishing to avoid gridlocked roads on their commute.

“Conventional motorcycles already help reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and congestion.  With the option to go electric, motorcycles really have no downside as a practical transport choice for commuting.

“We’re encouraging every motorcyclist and scooter rider to Ride to Work on Monday 15th June and would urge employers to look into the many benefits to them of supporting riders as we come out of lockdown.”

Monday, 15 June 2020