Yes, we admit it, people can be irresponsible on motorcycles, but that’s not a given and we shouldn’t all be pigeonholed as fools on two wheels. It’s all about the choices and behaviour of the individual in control of the bike.

Undoubtedly, sometimes we’re an easy target for criticism, especially when drivers are stuck in queues and we aren’t. But occasionally, some of us entirely deserve that criticism.

The Coronavirus lockdown shows a divided “community” of bikers – the majority, who are compliant, determined to contain the spread and reduce unnecessary burden on our NHS and emergency services and the irresponsible minority - those who are behaving as though the crisis isn’t real and are using the situation selfishly and recklessly, continuing with ride outs or riding at inappropriate and illegal speeds.

If that’s someone you know, remind them that nobody is impressed, that they’re causing unnecessary strain on valuable vital resources and damaging “our” name.

Thank you to all bikers who have decided to #StayHomeSaveLives. With the Easter holiday weekend approaching we know how much resolve it will take to continue to do the right thing and only use our motorcycles for essential journeys near to home.

We’ll see you out there when we get through this….together.

Wednesday, 08 April 2020