Watch out, bikers about

With its breathtaking scenery and varied road network, Wales holds a major attraction for both local motorcyclists and those from further afield. In the coming weeks we can expect to see a greater number of motorcyclists using the roads for leisure riding and spring time commuting.

Teresa Ciano, Chair of Road Safety Wales said, “Although Welsh roads are among the safest in the world, a motorcyclist is almost 50 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a collision than a person travelling in car. Reducing the number of motorcyclist casualties across Wales therefore remains a priority.

“To address this disproportionate risk, we are asking motorcyclists to ride defensively and always within the law. Drivers can play their part by taking longer to look for motorcyclists, especially when pulling out of junctions, changing lanes or when opening vehicle doors – a motorcycle may not be as visible as a larger vehicle and may be in the space you intend to drive in to.

“Always check your blind spot and look twice for bikes.”

While the vast majority of motorcyclists demonstrate a good standard of riding, a small minority choose to use the roads irresponsibly, putting themselves and other road users in danger. Police forces across Wales will target these individuals in the coming months, giving the clear message that poor and anti-social riding behaviour will not be tolerated.

Teresa Ciano added, “Even the most experienced motorcyclist can benefit from post-test training or an assessment of their riding and we are urging motorcyclists to take advantage of the opportunities made available in Wales - many of which are supported with Welsh Government funding - to enhance rider skills and knowledge.”

“Before every ride, preparation is key to your safety and this is especially vital if your motorcycle has been sat in the garage over the winter months. Take a close look at your kit and your bike to ensure everything is in full working order, paying particular attention to the condition of the tyres, brakes and lighting - it could save your life.  Just as important is ensuring that you are well prepared; never ride angry, tired, or impaired by drink or drugs.”

Partners in Road Safety Wales share a common goal - that residents and visitors to Wales use the roads responsibly and arrive home safely.

Monday, 11 April 2022