Get Your FREE biker CRASH Card

Road Safety Wales is encouraging all motorcyclists to take advantage of a free scheme which could be lifesaving in the event of a collision.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use a CRASH Card, but if the worst happens a medical professional will be able to see the green dot on the right hand corner of your visor/helmet and can look for the card inside the helmet lining.

The details that you write on the card could provide vital information for attending ambulance crews, saving valuable time and helping treatment, especially if you’re unconscious or unable to communicate.

The green dot sticker is safe for use on any helmet and won’t cause any damage; the card which can be tucked inside the helmet lining asks for your details and any allergies, medication, or medical history which could impact on your treatment.
It also asks for an additional contact, so that your family can be informed of the collision.

Although other methods or devices can be used to store such medical detail, this simple card isn’t reliant on technology (which can prove inaccessible in an emergency).

If you’d like a CRASH Card for yourself, a friend, loved one or for your group, please contact your Road Safety Officer or email Road Safety Wales.

CRASH Cards will be provided free of charge if you use the roads in Wales.

Wednesday, 05 January 2022