Full-face all the way

You probably won’t be remotely surprised to hear that we would recommend full-face helmets over open-face, for all occasions.

Aside from the significant protection they provide to your chin and face, you’ll be better protected from the elements. Supplementary glasses or masks won’t be required, you’ll escape a face splattered with muck and grit, and a potential mouthful of bugs!

We’ve all heard about, or seen, the facial injuries to bikers who have been wearing open-face lids at the time of a collision, so while you might be considering an open design for fashion reasons, a full-face helmet offers far better protection.

Style may be a factor for you, but the most important thing to consider when choosing your helmet isn’t the brand name or how it looks – safety and comfort should always be at the top of your agenda, so getting the correct fit is vital.

Modular helmets, with a moveable, flip-up chin bar, might make it easier to talk to your mates when you’re taking a break, but always ensure the chin guard is down and locked when riding.

Your helmet is your most important piece of kit, so research your purchase thoroughly. Read helmet reviews, seek the recommendations of friends and definitely visit the SHARP website, where you’ll find a wealth of information on helmet safety ratings, helmet care, and on the importance of getting the right fit for you.


Friday, 22 July 2022