Ride to Work Day 2023

Ride to Work Day, which takes place on Monday 19th June is an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of motorcycle commuting, and to show that biking can be a practical alternative to commuting by car.

Alongside cycling and walking, motorcycles and scooters provide a sensible alternative for anyone wishing to avoid gridlocked roads on their commute.

As part of this year’s activities, the organisers at Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) are encouraging motorcyclists to take part in a new survey to establish if employers are providing sensible, secure and safe motorcycle parking at workplaces.

Taking just a few minutes of your time, completing the survey will help measure the current quality and provision of parking made available to bikers at workplaces across the UK. Please click here for the survey.

MAG has produced a handy guide for employers to help them provide better facilities, making commuting to work by motorcycle a feasible option.

For more information on Ride to Work Day 2023, visit

Friday, 16 June 2023