Flip-Flop Roulette

If someone dared you to rub a cheese grater on your chin until you broke the skin and shred through tissue until it reached bone, you probably wouldn’t be interested. Yet, some bikers out there risk just that sort of injury, or possibly worse, by taking to two wheels wearing unsuitable clothing.

As tempting as it may be on a sweltering day to ride in shorts, t-shirt and the dreaded flip-flops, in a collision the resulting injuries can be horrendous. Known as a 'degloving' injury, any biker who has experienced such trauma would advocate protective clothing wholeheartedly.

We could share some images, which would make even the least squeamish amongst us think twice, but we’re sure that your imagination can take you there. Degloving injuries are very serious and extremely painful, and they require immediate specialist medical care. The blood supply to tissue can be disrupted and the skin, tendons, muscles and nerves may be pulled from the bone. These injuries are painful, slow to heal, and unfortunately often require multiple surgical procedures.

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Unfortunately, even after the injury is healed, people are often left with extreme nerve damage and scarring. In some cases, amputation may be the only available course of action in order to preserve life.

Nobody expects to go for a summertime ride in the cool breeze and end up in a plastic surgery unit, but that’s the point; you could be the most experienced motorcyclist who rides defensively, but you never know what's around the next corner. Therefore, it's vital to dress appropriately every time we go for a ride.

Wearing quality kit could save your skin.

Tuesday, 18 July 2023