The Crash Detectives

Following the conclusion of Series 4 of The Crash Detectives, which provides a unique insight into the specialist work of Gwent Police’s forensic collision investigation unit (FCIU), it has once again highlighted the devastation that ensues in the aftermath of a road traffic collision.

From those directly involved in a collision, to those that witness the tragedy unfold and our emergency services and health service colleagues who provide crucial, expert assistance at the scene and post-collision, the catastrophic effect of these life-changing incidents should not be underestimated.

Unless you have had a personal involvement in such an incident, it can be impossible to imagine that you or a member of your family could end up in this position yourselves, but it is testament to the production team and the FCIU at Gwent Police for delivering frank and open accounts of the impact these collisions have and revealing the professionalism and determination that go in to ensuring those responsible are brought to justice.

If you have watched the series closely, you’ll notice that nearly all of the collisions or fatalities featured could have ultimately been avoided. When taking part in road safety campaigns and education initiatives, it is still astonishing to discover the number of vehicle occupants that simply fail to wear a seat belt or drivers and riders that unfortunately show a total disregard for the safety of themselves, their passengers and other road users. It is heartbreaking that some of these people only realise the consequences of their actions when it’s too late.

As we head towards the end of the year, with darker evenings, deteriorating weather conditions and the build up to festive celebrations for many people, it is sad to see that we are once again at the time of year when collisions are statistically expected to increase. Road Safety Wales is therefore urging everyone using the roads in Wales to comply with the law which could ultimately reduce road traffic collisions and casualties.

All road users must take responsibility for their actions; avoid alcohol or drugs altogether if you intend to drive, respect speed limits and ensure you always act appropriately when driving a vehicle, help a friend or loved one get home safely if they’ve had a few too many drinks and show consideration to all fellow road users, whatever method of transport you are using.

Road Safety Wales would like to thank those all involved in the making of The Crash Detectives and offer our thoughts and condolences to the families and friends of those featured in the series.

You can watch all available episodes of The Crash Detectives here.

Friday, 17 November 2023