Do you drive AND ride?

Motorcyclists arguably make better car drivers because of the additional skills they need to ride a bike.

Being on two wheels not only makes a motorcyclist far more vulnerable than other motorists, but is more physically and mentally demanding than driving a car. If you're not convinced, read on.

Use your head

Because of their vulnerability and lack of protection compared to other motorists, bikers have to be more aware and alert when out on the road. They constantly perform rear observations and check their blind spots before they change speed, direction or position and to know what's behind them.

Use your senses

How often have you wound down the window when out in the car to see if there's the smell of cut grass, which could indicate tractors on the road, or diesel spills? Bikers are always using their sense of smell to let them know of any possible hazards. They also train their eyes to look further ahead for the unexpected instead of just concentrating on what's right in front of them. And because they haven't got the music turned up loud or are chatting to their mates, their senses are more alert.

Anticipate everything

A good biker will plan their journey, including rest stops, and anticipate what other motorists are about to do. They are always thinking ahead to every hazard and read all the signs - directional, arrows, road markings, even skid marks on the road.

Take Control

Bikers need to keep their wits about them at all times and two hands on the handlebars. You're unlikely to see a biker having a cigarette, reading a map or on the mobile phone when riding. They are more safety conscious both for themselves (making sure they're properly kitted out) and their machines (checking their bike before journeys). The camaraderie of motorcycling gives bikers more respect for each other and other road users so keeps road rage under control.